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are the numbers to call? -- you can also find us online. here is the front page of "the times tribune" of scranton, pennsylvania. here is the the associated press version of the story -- scranton, pennsylvania is not the only city problem with its budget. we will look at a number of stories about cities and towns across the country. here is what out of kansas from "the wichita eagle." detroit, michigan is getting help from its brothers. money problems there, and questions about how many police can stay on the job. let's hear from you and how you would get city budgets under control. from our democratic line, from michigan, good morning. caller: good morning, i live maybe 50 miles from flint, michigan and maybe 30 miles from saginaw, michigan and every morning when i get up, i noticed there have been people that have died in fires and people who have been shot, several children shot and yet our police are laid off. our firemen are laid off and yet our administrators, i feel they should take pay cuts. i feel the city commissioners should take pay cuts. or maybe laid off and bring our firemen and pol
. thank you for reporting for us. >>> the u.s. has given afghanistan a gift only a few other countries have, ally status. secretary of state hillary clinton made the announcement during an unannounced visit to kabul. the ally status gives afghanistan access to u.s. defense resources and training, ahead of the 2014 u.s. troop withdrawal. clinton says the designation is aimed at keeping afghanistan secure for the long term. >> our strategic partnership agreement is not aimed at any other country. our goal is to work with the region and the international community to strengthen afghanistan's institutions so that the transition is successful and the afghan people themselves can take responsibility and the future of afghanistan will be safer and more secure. >> mrs. clinton now heads to a donor meeting in tokyo to gather financial support for afghanistan. >>> now to syria, where the violence is spreading beyond the border. two rocket propelled grenades fired from syria slammed into a lebanese border town. two syrian refugees were killed and two others wounded. violence continues across the
economic news three months in a row now. are people just used to it? is it baked in? do they just accept where this economy is? we hope not. we hope that we don't accept these numbers regardless of the politics of it. you hope people don't accept this as a new norm. >> do they think that mitt romney could do better? >> that's the big question. >> we're going to explore all of that this morning. let us know what you think. find us on twitter. rest of your headlines. a lot more to tell you '. there has been a drone strike in northwestern pakistan and killed at least 15 suspected taliban militants. pakistani intelligence says this happens in a village in north waziristan. four missiles fired at compound believed to be owned by taliban commander. this comes as tension grows over those american drone strikes in the country. it's the first strike since pakistan reopened nato supply routes this past week. george zimmerman is a free man yet again this morning. here he is leaving a florida jail after posting the required 10 pierce of his $1 million bond. is he now staying in a temporary safe hous
talks about how slaves used the u.s. mail to communicate with other slaves and how they planned and executed escapes to canada, mexico and the caribbean. held at penn state university this is an hour and 15 minutes. >> thank you, tony. that was almost ministerial. i feel as if i'm really in church now. okay. it's an honor to be here. thanks for making this possible. it's wonderful to be in penn state in march and see people in shorts. there is something to be said for global warming. let me suggest a couple of things as we start -- before we start rattling on tonight. one is i'm going to set this discussion these series of lectures beginning with the fugitive slave law of 1850. to me the pivotal political event in the decade leading up to the civil war. the fugitive slave law changes the political dynamics of this country in ways that nobody could have anticipated at the time. and at the center of that change in political dynamic are the activities of slaves themselves who run away. so what i am interested in looking at in the series of lectures then is how does the action of th
last scorcher today. >> this has been something else 65 years putting this together will break us down a hot air dome will shrink as the jet stream buckles brings the flow from canada brings us much needed relief not today look at these hosts of states with record high temperatures some dating back to the 1930's. third consecutive record high temperature this weekend stay hot into the morning hours tomorrow looking at the temperatures how much the heat has concentrated over the cities. record high temperatures today indianapolis 105 degrees. other weather but temperatures phoenix and the south and south holland area 106 degrees. other high temperatures forest park well into the hundreds. looks like the fund front will come through tomorrow '80s along the shoreline 100 degrees in the southwestern suburbs. the front comes through the city about noon or 1:00. dropping to the '70s along the lakefront mid-80s and the southwest suburbs. that sunday temperatures 80 degrees and '70s on the shoreline incredibly hot back to look at whether or not the transition to cooler weather brings any much-
. >>> and record heat is expected again today across central and much of the eastern u.s. we'll have details about the new records and what they mean for the politics of global warming on tomorrow's program. right now i'm joined by jared bernstein. former economic policy adviser to vice president biden. joseph sanglatando, former employment counselor who's now been out of work himself for 18 months. and john phillis, own ore of a small business, a diner here in new york called the lexington candy shop, great place. president obama and mitt romney continued their sparg over the last jobs numbers. private sector added 84,000 jobs in jeune while the public sector lost jobs. slightly lower than expectations. the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 8.2% and the num r numbers are familiar and frustrated. in ohio yesterday president obama looked at the numbers and the context in the last two years. >> we looked at the numbers and the businesses have created 84,000 jobs in the last month they've created 4.4 million jobs in the last 28 months include 5g 00,000 new manufacturing jobs. that's a step in t
was driving through gary, indiana, and things were bad ten years ago, 20 years ago. joe, tell us where you think we are. >> i don't think we should sacrifice the american worker. there are a number of ways to job train and escort people into work that we're just not doing. what happens a lot is you hear jobs, jobs, jobs, and you don't see anything happen. i don't see any job programs. do you? >> oh, job training programs. that's about it. >> do you? >> that's been the problem. there's been this job training consensus. there was job training money under clinton and the recovery act, but if you train people to have jobs and there are no jobs -- >> there's an "all dressed up and nowhere to go" potential. you train people for jobs and there's nowhere to go. >> i was doing this for 20 years. >> basically what? >> the job sector, working with disabled people, homeless gentlemen, homeless adults, disabled, as i say, and i've never seen a lack of commitment to the work force like i do now. >> by who? >> by the government, by officials. just turning on public employees for example. >> and you were
a few thousand pages in the law. it is incumbent upon us to understand what is in the other 27,000 pages. we need to be informed about what this means for our economy, our health sector and the future of freedom. the 10 worst parts of obama- care that are not the individual mandate -- the employer mandate, number one. this is the deterrent to job creation. employers will be required to provide and pay certain percentages for health insurance policies for their employees or pay a penalty. that was not questioned by the court -- whether the employer mandated the penalty or the tax. it would be wise to anticipate court challenges to the employer mandate. michael cannon has done a terrific work on how states can protect themselves. number two, the hhs mandate. this was not actually in the legislation the legislation said preventive care would be covered at no cost to policy holders. secretary kathleen sebelius, in consultation with the institute of medicine and others decided that that would include free abortion drugs, sterilization and contraception. the catholic bishops are wisely, i beli
kcongress ends slavery in dc. coming up. time magazine columnist talks about the 37th u.s. congress. the university of nebraska lincoln hosted this event. >> well, there's probably several hundred people more appropriate to talk about 1862 than i. i feel a little overmatched by the expertise in the room, but if you're bear with me, this will be over soon. i would like to thank bob sutton for the very warm introduction and for the park service participation in this really cool event. i was so excited when i heard that rick edwards and the center for great plains studies has come up with this idea. it couldn't be a more appropriate place to tackle the significance of what i believe was arguably the pivotal year of american history. 1862 was certainly the most eventful year in american history. perhaps the most misunderstood. the year in which the civil war became a cataclysm. the federal government became a colasses. and the confederate came nearest to winning its independence yet suffered the key losses that led to its doom. it was the year that abraham lincoln established his greatn
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)